Food For Thought

The new year always always brings with it the hope of a new tomorrow, of a new you, of a changed and better life.  We all make resolutions, a list of all the little things we will definitely do this year that will make us better, more efficient, more beautiful, more successful.  Some of us, as disciplined as we are, keep these resolutions, at least for a while.  Many more of us don’t, or only keep one or two.  If your one or the other, I challenge you to truly reflect on whether these resolutions make life better, more fulfilling, more hopeful and joyous…Or do they leave us feeling the sting of failure and the raw sense of our inability to be all we are supposed to be.  This year I decided to try something new, something far from a long list of endless changes my life needs in order to be fulfilling.  The idea is not my own, but from a brief blog I read from Jon Gordon (one of my favorite authors on sports and a positive perspective on life; Jon Gordon Blog Post).  Choose one word for the year…really think on it, pray on it, take your time choosing it.  What is it you want to see in your life, in your heart, in your relationships?  One word will speak to you.  Choose it, own it, hang it up and live by it for the next year.  Let’s see what happens…


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