Food For Thought….March

How often in one day does your mind wander to the blessings, privilege, ability, beauty or status of someone else?  How often do we see what others have or do and think we need to do and have more?  How often do we look at our children’s flaws while seeing perfection in our friend’s kids?  We work to do more, be more, earn more… and fail to see the blessings right in front of us.  Maybe we should all take a step back, daily, or even multiple times a day, and see something great in ourselves, in our spouse, in our job, in our kids….stop focusing on how we don’t measure up…and start focusing on how we do.  We are meant to be here… we are one of a kind…we can make a mark.  Living with joy is contagious..but it’s also hard work.  Exchange comparison for appreciation…of all the good things within us and around us.  My guess… it would be life-changing.


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