Food For Thought…April

I read this quote a few months ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  As a mother, I often feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, trying to do all I can to help my children prepare for the real world, trying to help them navigate the ups and downs of growing up while also embracing its freedom and fun, trying to make sure I do it all right so they can be successful in life.  Most days I feel like a failure at this, the most important of jobs.  When I read this quote, which now hangs on my bulletin board in front of my computer, I am reminded of what my kids truly need… a mother who approaches life with joy, in all circumstances… a mother who takes the time to care for her mental and physical health, so she can also care for theirs… a mother who is a soft place to land, even in times of discipline and mistakes…they need a mom they can count on, a mom they can trust, and a mom who is connected and present, daily, for all the ups and downs of life.  They need me to come alongside them fully equipped to deal with what life throws at them…it is often much less complicated than we make it… they don’t need our perfection…they need us, present, ready and full of grace and love.


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